Commercial Office Space for lease

John GilleReal Estate

Commercial Office Space available for rent From anywhere up to 6,000 sq feet available. Will rent out any amount you might need. Garage space available too. Perfect for any mechanical or electrical contractors. Less than a mile from Mt Pleasant Call today to see the space. Rental rate will depend on the amount needed. 989-828-7403

Lilliston 6200 edible bean combine

John GilleEquipment

Lilliston 6200 edible bean combine for dry bean harvest 3 available all field ready condition along with 1 parts machine available as well. All have sun pick up on them and re cleaner. 1000 pto.  9′ wide 11′ tall and 28′ long before dismantling for shipment. Price is $6,000 per machine. Parts machine is $1000.00. Shipping is available email for details.

CAT Natural Gas Engine & Compressor Ariel 3

John GilleEquipment

CAT ariel 3 stage compressor.  Engine serial 076011  WO# 1202712  ABB# 1029435. Exterran rebuild tag dated 06/20/11  Farme model JGM 2 serial # F6733. Located in central Michigan. Lease option also available if interested $50,000

Komatsu Excavator

John GilleEquipment

Komatsu PC 300 LC-7 Excavator New computer showing 27 hrs. Approx 15,000-16,000 hrs on machine 33″ pads and 50″ bucket undercarriage in good shape 50% wear $60,000 OBO

Whiteville Road Sand Pit

John GilleOther

Whiteville Rd Sand Pit just outside Mt Pleasant MI Oversize Stone – $22.00/yd Unscreened Black Dirt – $12.00/yd Screened Fill Sand – $2.75/yd 1 ½” minus unwashed stone (pipe bedding) – $13.00/yd